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Coin Collector Albums

Numismatic sets. Manufacturing and design | Magenta

Magenta Exclusive company core specialization is manufacture of custom-tailored coin albums in any quantity and design required.

The company’s been on market for over five years and glad to present a wide range of ready-made and customized COIN COLLECTING ALBUMS.

Thanks to gained experience we can manufacture custom-tailored albums in any quantity needed. Our specialists are ready to develop an album design considering clients requirements and coins size or offer their own project ideas. Cover color and number of pages&holders (capsules) in each album can vary. According to the client's wish each album could be manufactured with or without a slipcase.

COIN CAPSULE ALBUMS are designed to store, organize and view your coins and tokens collections. They also provide secure items protection from drops, scratches, finger oils and other dangers. Majenta capsule albums unique layout enables to observe a coin not only from front and back but also from its edge. Thanks to crystal clear sliding protective sheet you can easily take a coin out if needed. An inscription on the album's cover provides information about the occasion or event on which the coins were issued. 

Each album has the following structure: 

Cover - it contains graphical decoration related to the event or occasion the coin or token was issued on and some information about it. The cover has holes for capsules rigid fastening with the use of gluing materials. For storage convenience the binding edge of each album contains images of the coins or tokens it was designed for and some information about it. Album covers are made of laminated cardboard.

Capsule page - it's a crystal clear molded pocket page, made of plastic, designed to store your coins or tokens. Capsule (coin/token holder) size excludes any possibility of coin's falling out or rotation. 

Our company offers two styles of capsules shape:
1. The capsule exactly follows the shape of a coin or token it's designed for
2. The capsule exactly follows the shape of a coin or token it was designed for and is reinforced with additional cut out for easier coin's taking out or placing.

Capsule pages are made of PET, 100% PVC free. 

Sliding protective sheet - it's a transparent plastic page that securely protects a coin or token and enables to look at it not only from front and back, but also to see its edge. The sheet can be moved inside of the album. It's also possible to make an inscription on protective sheet to enhance informational support.

Coin collecting is one of the oldest and most popular hobbies in existence, which originated as the “hobby of kings” that's why our company is glad to present to every coin lover all over the globe a wide rage of elegant, convenient and durable coin capsule albums. Your collection deserves the best! 

COIN ALBUM by Magenta Exclusive is a perfect choice for those who’re looking for a convenient way to preserve their collection of valuable coins or for a premium gift solution.

We’re ready to provide our production samples upon request.

Contacts: numismatic@magentaco.ru

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